Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FDS 6.0.1 and SMV 6.1.5 released

An updated version of the FDS-SMV bundles has been released, which includes a maintenance release of FDS 6.0.1 and SMV 6.1.5. This maintenance release of FDS uses a newer version of the Open MPI libraries (1.6.5) for Linux and Mac OS X and includes other bug fixes and improvements. You can download the updated FDS-SMV bundles from the downloads page.

The updated precompiled versions of the Open MPI libraries are also available from our download site, and the instructions and download links are available on our Wiki Pages for Linux and Mac OS X.

FDS 6.0.1
  • The MPI version of FDS is now compiled with Open MPI 1.6.5.
  • Fixes related to lumped species definitions.
  • Use FLUSH statement instead of CLOSE/OPEN in dump routines.
  • Add ability to modify most thermophysical properties for user-defined mixtures.
  • Fix bug in particle tracking algorithm.
  • Fix initialization of back wall temperature.
  • Add inlet velocity profile functionality via RAMP_V_X, etc., on SURF line.
  • Include FDS User, Technical, Verification, Validation, and Configuration guides in bundle.

SMV 6.1.5
  • enhancement: draw vectors on general oriented slices
  • usability: save fire colormap state in .ini file - (Issue 2020)
  • fix: correct call to qsort when drawing volume rendered smoke/fire (Issue 2029)
  • fix: fix problem with rendering a general slice from a script
  • fix: fix label visibility - (Issue 2019)
Please continue to post any bug reports to the Issue Tracker, and post other feedback to the Discussion Group.