Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The FDS/Smokeview Issue Tracker

Over the past year, I have noticed that the FDS/SMV Discussion Group has changed its focus from general questions, comments and discussion to bug reporting. This is just a quick note to remind everyone that the best way to report a bug in FDS or Smokeview is via the Issue Tracker

and not the Discussion Group. There are several advantages to using the Issue Tracker:

1. It is easier to upload files.
2. The case is assigned to one person and a record of progress is maintained.
3. The rest of the community need not follow the specific details.
4. It provides a good way to collaborate because there is a running record of who has done what and when.

The most important reason for using the Issue Tracker is that it is vital part of our verification process. If you report a bug, and we fix it, there is a record of what was done and why. There is also a way for you to check that the fix worked, and for us to close the case. When we fix a reported bug, the case is marked "Fixed" and the person reporting the bug ought to get an email notice to this effect. It is very important that the person reporting the bug then go and try the latest version to see if the bug has truly been fixed. It is not enough for the case to be marked "Fixed" by us -- it must be "Verified" by you.

So please, those of you who have reported bugs to the Issue Tracker in the past few months, if your case is still only marked "Fixed", could you let us know if the latest version of FDS or Smokeview really fixed the problem. Then we can close the case.