Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New FDS-SMV User Community Map Available

I have always wondered how many people are using FDS and Smokeview, and where in the world are they?  Maybe you wonder the same thing?  Well, to help answer this question, I have started a Google Map that can be edited by anyone, so that members of the community can add a place marker for where in the world they use FDS and Smokeview.

Link to FDS-SMV User Community Map

There is no requirement to do this, but I hope that everyone will take a few minutes to visit the map, click the edit button to the left of the map, and add a marker for where they are using the software.  In the marker title and description, feel free to include as much information as you like.  Some suggestions would be your Name, Google Group username, email address, company name, how or why you use FDS-SMV, links to papers written about your use, etc.

Some interesting features of using the map, is you can view the markers and user contributed information on Google Earth, and/or you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the map, so that you can monitor new additions to the map as they happen.

Please feel free to share this map with others who you know use FDS-SMV so that they can be added too.  I will be watching the feed and look forward to seeing your markers.

-Bryan Klein